Piper Video

Check out Piper running a bumper drill.



Ambertrail’s MS Vinanches – “Piper” comes to us from Ambertrail’s kennel in Ontario, Canada. Her sire is  Ambertrail's Adirondac Escapee WC, AGNJ, AGIP, AGN, AADC,AGDC, MSDC, MGDC.  Piper does have an extra measure of agility and is really fun to work with. She seems to bound so effortlessly. She is a very pleasant girl and a great addition to our kennel. Piper is our strongest water retriever. She loves to jump and retrieve. She marks well and is tenacious when retrieving.

Her health clearances are as follows:

Hips – OFA-GR112899G24F-VPI; Elbows – GR-EL33047F24- VPI; and Eyes – Normal – GR-EYE7794/28F-VPI.

An expanded pedigree can be viewed here:  http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=669392